Testimonials in 2016

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john heller John Heller (CEO Argenta): “I enjoyed the day and would like to do it again. It was great to see how a smart student can come to grips with business problems.”


Heidi Van Dyck"It was a great experience, in which I could really see how John Heller interacts with the different teams and people in the office and what his or her role is during meetings. It enhanced my understanding of what it requires to be in an executive position: strong and diverse experiences, a curious attitude and a well-developed, personal communication style."

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Arnaud Feist Arnaud Feist (CEO Brussels Airport): "Timothy proved that there’s a tremendous amount of leadership talent in Belgium. He applied to follow me for one day through Odgers Berndtson’s “CEO x 1 Day” program. It was a real pleasure to meet him. Spending time with the next generation is inspiring and motivating and I do hope he feels the same about this day"

Timothy de Meester

Timothy de Meester: "I will have great memories of this day with Arnaud Feist. I admire his abilities to analyse, to decide and to negotiate. His leadership style could be summarized as a calm and humble one, with attention for detail and the will to coordinate all the actions within the company to nurture its long-term strategy. I clearly recommend this experience to any student."

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Dominique Leroy Dominique Leroy (CEO Proximus): "This day offered me a unique opportunity to meet a young talented person and share my passion with him. It’s also a two-way street, I learned from the feedback I got from the student."

William De Vliegher

William De Vliegher"It was a real privilege to be able to shadow Dominique Leroy for a whole day. I was positively surprised how welcoming and approachable she was and she impressed me in many ways. In particular, her constant sharpness and the way she manages the relations with all the different stakeholders (employees, clients, shareholders, media, etc.) is truly impressive and inspiring."

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Olivier Chapelle Olivier Chapelle (CEO Recticel): “Great opportunity to share experience with someone hungry for personal development! ”

Hadrien Duhem

Hadrien Duhem"It was an extraordinary experience. I felt very lucky to have the opportunity to witness one day of a CEO, and not only witness, but taking part in it. I particularly appreciated the fact that Olivier Chapelle gave me the opportunity to interact and share my opinion during the meetings; this was exceptional and I felt so empowered! "

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Philippe Delusinne Philippe Delusinne (CEO RTL Belgium): "It’s important to show younger people what a CEO does, how the company works and how we manage the complex human network within it. Rather than silently observing, Nicolas has participated, been proactive and shown a lot of interest in what our company does - there was a cross-fertilisation between us - we have learned from each other. This a great initiative and I’m glad to be part of it."

Nicolas Chavotier

Nicolas Chavotier"My warm and grateful thanks go to Odgers Berndtson for allowing me to participate in this program. It was conducted with remarkable professionalism and a truly appreciable commitment to make the most out it for both the CEO and us, participants. Philippe Delusinne’s leadership style is one of experience, embodying a humanist approach to his functions and considering everybody equally."

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Testimonials in 2015


DE SMET Bart Bart De Smet (CEO Ageas): “It was an honour and a pleasure for me to participate in this fun project - I would be happy to again play a role in it in the future.”


Valerie Daminet"It was an amazing opportunity to experience what is going on in the workplace and learn from experienced people. It was also fantastic to have the chance to see how a CEO deals with a wide range of responsibilities and on a daily basis. It gives students the opportunity to see what is going on outside university life and it prepares them better for when they leave university. It gives them also the opportunity to discover what they are interested in and in which direction they would like to continue after university. I think the day was really well organized."


DELACOLLETTE Yves300 Yves Delacollette (CEO Dragone): “It was not that easy to organize Sophie’s visit among many important meetings, but we made it ;-)”


Sophie Buisset: "I really enjoyed spending one day with Yves Delacollette. I really felt like knowing what was happening in the whole company: from financials to the daily work. Understanding the entire company is very important in order to deliver a strategy and to grow and be profitable at long term. I learnt a lot about being a CEO, seeing how a company works and especially what Dragone does now in the whole world, how they invented their own strategy compared to Le Cirque du Soleil. Working for a multinational company is definitely what I would like to do after my studies, and why not for Dragone? Finally, this experience confirmed what I was previously thinking: being a CEO is definitely one of my goals in my life. This event pushed me at a different level, to be even better and to learn a lot from other people. I learnt a lot about myself and about my possible working life. We do not have enough initiatives like this one to make us discover the professional world. Thank you very much for this opportunity, I really enjoyed it!"


STEISEL Nicolas Steisel (CEO EXKI): “It was indeed a good experience for us. Dimitri is really a smart person and I wish him good luck as a CEO (more than) one day.”


Dimitri Dekdouk"It really was a tremendous day, with a super interesting agenda. The speed at which the CEOs jump from one topic to another with such knowledge is impressive. They can talk about IT, interiors, finance… and all that in a matter of seconds. Also the number of impactful decisions taken in such a short amount of time is amazing. These are the kind of experiences that university can’t provide. It truely is a competitive advantage to have such experience in, for example, job interviews. It shows your professionalism and dedication towards your career. Everything was clear and well organized. I’ll definitely recommend the program."


GEERTS Thierry300 Thierry Geerts (CEO Google): “I had the chance to participate in the first edition of the CEO for a Day program in Belgium. Odgers Berndtson provided me an impressive student, Elie Melviez. He shadowed me for a full day, but it became a day full of exchanges and interactions. He forced me to think about my role and I was also surprised by the very positive reactions on the program from my team and stakeholders that we've met during the day. I would recommend this program both to students and to CEOs. Thanks for the organisation and the excellent selection. ”


Elie Melviez"It was a very interesting day. I learned a lot about the job of a CEO. From the start, I was introduced as the CEO for a day and I had the chance to participate in both clients and internal meetings. In the evening, I even followed Thierry to a conference he was giving. The part I enjoyed the most was the time I spent on one-to-one with Thierry. Indeed, I felt he was very happy to participate in CEOx1Day and was eager to share his experience with me. This day has strengthened my interest in creating my own company, thanks to the various discussions I had with Thierry. The selection process was intensive and thanks to the Hogan test, I had the chance to better understand the work environment and the position in a company that suits me best. I believe it is important for students in business to see what it is really like being a CEO and running a company. I thought it was an amazing day I would definitely recommend it to any student! "


SIOEN Michele300 Michèle Sioen (CEO SIOEN Industries)


Marthe De Proft"Being able to spend a day with Michèle Sioen was an incredible experience. I participated in several meetings with senior management, which really clarified the role and the responsibilities of a CEO. It was amazing to see how she handled difficult situations and how she knew every little detail. The speed at which she made decisions and drew conclusions was spectacular. This day really made me think a lot about myself and my ambitions. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone, as it is an unique opportunity to witness the daily life of a CEO."


Testimonials in Canada



“The highlight of my day at Cisco was the one-on-one time with Nitin because I was able to dialogue with a truly successful leader and get honest and helpful responses to my questions. The activities during the day were fantastic, but I appreciated the opportunity to slow down and build rapport with Nitin through these conversations.”

Kaiz Alarakyia, Western University, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, Cisco Canada



“I am definitely going to take the learnings from Elyse and the program and apply them to my career. I had the opportunity to see how a CEO can foster a culture of innovation and spending the day at GE Canada has confirmed that I want to work in an environment where I am allowed to learn, grow, and challenge the status quo.”

Charu Jaiswal, York University, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, GE Canada



“CEO x 1 Day is a very valuable experience and a chance to be one-on-one with someone you admire. Having an opportunity to talk to Kirstine about her career has really made me think about the path I want to take after graduation. The CEO x 1 Day program taught me you can cross disciplines if you keep an open mind when opportunities arise.”

Samantha Sim, Ryerson University, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, Twitter Canada


“During my day at adidas Canada, I was involved in several meetings ranging from market pricing to product launches and pay equity discussions. This was especially appealing because it really challenged me to think about the complete business. Jim and his team routinely asked for my opinion throughout the day which made me feel incredibly valued.”

Stephanie Spagnolo, Queen’s University, CEO x 1 Day Finalist, adidas Canada

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